Boaray 600 Anesthesia Workstation

Comprehensive Mechanical Ventilation Modes Covering Various Clinical Demands. Read More

Boaray 600C Anesthesia Workstation

Outstanding representative for primary anesthesia from reputable suppliers. Read More

Boaray 600D Anesthesia Workstation

Pursuing maximum applicability in clinic with manual and mechanical ventilation. Read More

Transducer Biotrans

BIOTRANSTM provides superior performance in many hospital environments. Read More

Angiographic Kits

Bioptimal Angiographic kits consisting of several accessories for your work. Read More

Bipolar Pacing Catheter

Ccardiologists and electro-physiologists know they can count on Bioptimal’s bipolar pacing catheters. Read More

PRUNUS Infusion Pump

Real-time dynamic pressure detection. It is easy to observe and facilitate the adjustment. Read More

PRUNUS Infusion Solution

Prunus can provide complete mechanical ventilation solutions and hemodynamic monitoring solutions. Read More

Artemis 2 Fetal Monitor

Digital display and waveform oscilloscope of twins’s heart rate (FHR) and uterine contraciton pressure. Read More

Artemis 4 Fetal Monitor

10.2″ Inch large-screen color TFT display, digital display and waveform oscilloscopeof twins heart rate. Read More

IMD 8 Moudulra Monitor

A compact portable patient transport monitor offering great value. 8.4 inch touchscreen. Read More

IMD 12 Moudulra Monitor

Modular Patient Monitor Ideal for operation room, Two module slots, plug and play; Embedded handle. Read More

iSoniQ 30A Portable Ultrasound System

Accurate and professional solution, help multi-scenes ultrasonic visualization applications. Read More

Boaray 10A Ventilator Air Compressor

With superior performance, this compressor has become the first choice for many manufacturers. Read More

Boaray 1000BD Transport Ventilator

Boaray 1000 series ventilators are dedicated to transport, which is suitable for in and out-of-hospital transport. Read More

Boaray 2000D Turbine Built-in Ventilator

Portable turbine ventilatorBoaray 2000D is the most lightweight(only 7.5kg) and compact ICU-level ventilator. Read More


We also allow healthcentres to make use of machinery, vehicles or other equipment on a rental basis. This avoids the need to invest capital in equipment. Ownership rests in the hands of the financial institution or leasing company, while the business has the actual use of it.

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